members training at a nike members event

Member Unlocks

Giving London the keys to Nike


When nearly every brand have a membership and loyalty plan, it’s difficult to stand out. Even for Nike. We needed to connect the brand’s services to the London community by bringing a fresh take to memberships concepts and how they manifest digitally and physically.


London Unlocked - a series a membership experiences, from invite to experience, tied to Nike services and seasonal stories served through the app and in real life.


The hottest club in London. From training sessions with Chelsea coach Emma Haynes, to product upscaling with Greater Goods, we created a series of unique experiences that put Nike Members at the heart of the brand world, unlocking exclusive access to sport and culture in the city like never before.

Panellist at a nike town event
members at a nike event
members posing for a selfie with olympic runner Keely
a crowd smiling at hackney moves
close up portrait of a girl smiling outside
members is shown how to make an item with Greater Goods