Latoya Shauntay Snell laughing on the street after a run

United We Sweat

When the world wants to pull us apart, we pull together.


Gymshark is built by the fitness and conditioning community. But this is a brand that has been unfairly associated with a superficial image of fitness. To many, that is intimidating and we were asked to shift the perception to better reflect their inclusive beliefs and unify their brand point of view.


United We Sweat – a brand narrative that champions how diversity and unity through fitness and sport enables us to overcome the bullshit the world throws at us. Moving away from beautiful bodies and bulging biceps, by showing how fitness connects us all; no matter how different we are, or what we face.


We were tasked with creating the brand anthem and global campaign that featured protagonists from a spectrum of sport and fitness. Each with their own unique story that proves that alone you can only go so far, together is what takes us further.

image of an athlete laughing whilst working out
Black girls rock female rugby team hugging and laughing
image of the Latoya in gym clothing laughing
Haven practicing on gym equipment with a trainer