SBB pose at a basketball court with a shoe

Freak By You

Game as unique as Zoom Freak.


Nike challenged us to disrupt the EMEA basketball and sneaker culture with the Zoom Freak 3. Without having Giannis himself, we chose to seek out the unique basketball communities that Giannis inspires that broaden the idea of game and identity. Then see how we could activated them through the Nike By You.


We developed Freak By You, a concept that allowed us to bring in basketball communities, like The Gazelles and SBB, and tell their stories to inspire future ballers to play and reflect their attitude through Nike By You. We worked with each individual involved created their own customisable shoe as well as produce the full campaign.


We collaborated with both the Gazelles and SBB to develop their assets as well as designed and produced a bespoke Nike basketball zine that brought the Freak By you mindset to life in authentic way. SBB’s videos engaged the community and beyond by challenging viewers to a competition to show their uniqueness at scale. Across Instagram and Tik Tok, SBB's videos have over 2million views and counting.

Design grid of Gazelles
The gazelles
The gazelles

The Gazelle’s vision is an inclusive game, a space where community is everything. The collective empowers ballers from all ages and backgrounds to play united, fail supported and stay unapologetically true to who they are.

Gazelles zine

We always say that SBB isn’t just myself or Denz, it’s all of us, it’s a community for all hoopers in the UK. We recognise the community needs to be connected for it to prosper and grow.

Behrad Bakhtiari

SBB posing together
SBB design layout
SBB design layout
basketball in a hoop

If you love the game it will love you back. Even if you don’t reach your original goals it will bless you with something else along the way.

Denzel Kazembe