Woman using fiture exercise mirror

Don't fit in. Fiture.

Do your own thing.


To launch successfully in the US, a mature and crowded connected fitness market, Fiture required a fresh and impactful approach to break through. We’ve rooted the creative strategy in gymtimidation and cultish tendencies to develop a disruptive and fun brand narrative. This served as a platform for all brand communications, product marketing, CRM and performance marketing content.


We came up with “Don’t Fit In, Fiture,” a unifying brand narrative that enabled the Fiture to speak to what stops people from starting or sustaining their fitness journey in an irreverent, culturally relevant and topical manner. It gave the brand a unique category POV and reason for communicating with its customers.


Off the brand narrative we lead the development and produce the full-funnel content for TV advertising, digital media, performance marketing, site and retail. We worked with all of Fiture’s partners to launched the campaign, which has successfully driven up sales and conversion.

Woman screaming in a spin class
woman using the fiture exercise mirror

Fitness shouldn't be something you fit into. It can fit you.

woman at a spin class
man straining with weights in a gym
woman using exercise mirror in her home
yoga teacher
woman looking at a man putting plasters on before a run
yoga class
woman doing goat yoga